What's in the bag?

This is a question that we get asked a lot by clients and curious bystanders when we’re out filming.

Our mysterious black Manfrotto MB PL-PV-610 video backpack houses all the equipment we need for a variety of work in the field, with it’s hard-wearing construction providing ample space and protection in adverse weather conditions.

DJI Mavic Pro

Possibly the most fun addition to our backpack, the Mavic Pro drone can be used to capture spectacular 4K footage to be used in promotional videos.

Gopro Hero

The Gopro Hero is often mounted on the inside and outside of racing cars for Motorsports filming, and can be controlled with our smartphones.

Canon Rebel

This DSLR records 4K video and captures high resolution photos on shoots, with a second interchangeable lens often coming out to play.

Panasonic HCX-1000E

Compact & lightweight, this broadcast camera shoots in 4K, often used at conferences and for interviews thanks to it’s dual XLR mic inputs.

Our Manfrotto Pro-V-610 PL Pro-Light Video Backpack keeps equipment protected and dry when out in the field.

MSi GP62 Leopard

With a back-lit keyboard and protective aluminium lid, our MSi laptop makes editing of 4K video on the move possible, thanks to it’s extra RAM.

Samsung Gear 360

For full 360˚ photos & videos of products, commercial premises and outdoor venues which can be used in websites and on social media.

Wireless Lav Mic

The Saramonic UwMic10 Dual Channel Wireless Mic has proved fantastic at recording high quality audio in interviews and presentations.

Samsung Note 8 Smartphone

A large screen enables our crew to see real-time footage from the drone and control the Gopro as a second camera.

Additional essential items

These items help us to stay out for longer, and do more for our clients when filming on location.

The importance of these additional items is often overlooked, with some of the gear such as storage and cables being extremely useful when our camera crew aren’t in the comfort of the studio environment.

128GB 1000x UHS-II U3 SDXC Cards
AT875R Line Condenser Shotgun Mic
Camera Batteries & Cables
Assorted Gopro Accessories
AA & AAA Batteries & Charger
Vinten Vision Pro Fluid Head Tripod

Extra batteries help to keep equipment powered during extended conferences and events, and high-speed memory cards store large photos and video clips reliably.

The surprising fact that all the gear mentioned in this article (apart from the fluid-head tripod) fits into our backpack is a testament to the genius of the tech manufacturers, who have found their way into our daily life, producing smaller, more powerful electrical equipment year-on-year, that enable us to be more adventurous in our productions.