Success With Affiliate Marketing

In 2018, there are so many ways to make money online.

Affiliate marketing offers an opportunity of monetizing without creating a product or service and gaining referral income from your website and newsletter mail-outs. You get paid either per click or per sale when someone clicks through your affiliate links or purchases the products or services you help to promote.

How it works

Companies that establish affiliate programs offer different features, but they are based on a similar structure: the merchant-network-affiliate-consumer model.

Merchant: the retailer or company who advertise its product or service (examples: clothing retailers, electronics suppliers, real estate agents, insurance companies).

Network: the online programs where merchants advertise their products or services (examples: Amazon Associates, CJ Affiliate)

Affiliate: the publisher who promotes a merchant’s product on their website, blog, or other media after agreeing to the contract with an affiliate network or program. This article is written to help an affiliate to gain benefits and minimize risks.

Consumer: the visitor who purchases the promoted product or service by clicking an inserted link or submitting their information through the affiliate’s website.


Promoting a product or service through an affiliate program is an alternative way to bring in income on a product or service without creating one. It can become a long-term strategy to monetize your web content.

In addition to the revenue you gain from affiliate marketing, you build trust and loyalty with the customer who benefit from the product you promote.

And you are not responsible if they dislike the product, because they would go back to the sellers directly.

Steps to success

First, find a product or service you want to promote. Start from the one that you use or trust because you would be credible to offer a review on them. Also, think long-term if you aim at sustainable revenue streams on promoting selective products.

Second, choose an affiliate program that fits your goals. They feature different commission rates, conditions and restrictions. Do some research to sign up for the trustworthy programs that would work the best to monetize your web content. Don’t get carried away by the promise of high returns. Look into the ones that have already established a large user base where people have credited for their recurring commissions.

Next, endorse the product or service you choose and promote it by providing referral traffic from your website and in e-newsletters. If you send the visitor to purchase the product or click through the affiliate links, you will get your cut.

Finally, how do you promote it? Through banner or text links, links to any page or widgets. As you may have predicted, poorly designed links may drive your visitors to other sites instead of retaining them to yours. In that case, you would lose the lead. That’s why it’s better to put the affiliate links in your blog posts or on your exist pages to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with your own interest. The other benefit of doing so is to capitalize on a popular exist page.

Work with Jinn

One of the services Jinn offers is to find the suitable affiliate programs for your list of top-selling products then create, insert and manage the affiliate links and widgets to match your web design.

We design your perfect affiliate marketing strategy to monetize your web content and utilize the affiliate links for your benefits while managing your SEO, web design and user interface. The results will also be monitored so that you can have a clear image of how things are working. We help look at the big picture as well as the numbers and finer details.

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