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Looking for website design Burlington? Jinn design websites for small businesses and large corporates. If you need a friendly, local website designer in Burlington, you’ve come to the right place.

Generate leads, take bookings for services and sell your products with a professional, adaptive & responsive mobile-friendly website designed with desktop, tablet and mobile visitors in mind.

Jinn’s meticulous web design process ensures a high level of quality, with attention to detail, well-written optimized pages from our content authors and fantastic artwork designed in-house by our creative team.

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WordPress website design experts

WordPress is our preferred platform for website development which ensures that you get an industry-standard content management system and the option to extend your functionality with an e-commerce shop. Sell products from your website, manage orders, post news articles and update pages, all from a secure WordPress system.

What makes us different?

If you’ve ever dealt with a cheap local website designer, you’ll know what a headache this can become. Some web designers are great at graphic design, and bad at programming, often producing websites that look great on the surface, but lack basic functionality.

Some programmers are good at writing code yet terrible at design – and that’s why we’re different. We believe in getting the balance right between aesthetics and utility, focusing on the user experience as a whole.

With over a decade of experience in the web design industry, we have what it takes to produce award winning 2D and 3D websites that look professional and work perfectly across all devices. Everything is mapped out from the start in great detail, and brought to life once you’re happy with our concept visualizations.

Burlington web design with a visual twist

When you get your website designed by our creative team, you gain access to a range of multimedia services that other website designers simply can’t provide.

Enable your visitors to watch interviews, learn about your products and services, or add engaging 360° video and 360° photos to generate interest and get more likes or followers on social media. Give your audience something to get stuck into with great video and audio content.

Our film crew travel from our studio to Burlington, and capture stunning 4K resolution shots as part of our video production service.

Extend website functionality

WordPress is a database-driven CMS which allows you to store information in your database, supporting growth as your needs change and as your marketing strategy evolves.

Your website is a valuable asset. Like any business-critical online presence, it needs to be protected. Jinn install several plugins which are necessary for protection, keeping your website safe from attacks and unauthorized entry.

Process payments online

Jinn empower your website with plugins, to collect marketing information and integrate with 3rd party services such as MailChimp or Paypal to process payments.

Keeping your customers safe

SSL (secure socket layer) encryption is a must-have. SSL encrypts communications between the website and the visitor who completes a form, to keep the information secure.

This addition is a standard addition to our websites, and helps to inspire confidence in buyers. Particularly useful in e-commerce stores, you’ll notice a green padlock in the address bar which indicates that a website is secure.

The strongest encryption

2048-bit SSL encryption is the strongest encryption on the market, and we install it for every website we create. SSL is also found to have a positive effect on your search engine ranking, as it demonstrates to Google that you’re serious about keeping your customers safe.

Quality assured

You’ll receive a detailed report upon completion, which highlights some of the technical aspects about your new website. The report is a mechanical overview, generated by a trusted 3rd party, and is named the ‘Woorank Score’.

This comprehensive report proves how much attention we’ve given to all of the various components that come together to make your website work. A ‘green light’ on each item shows that we’ve done our job properly to deliver a consistent user experience for website visitors.

A Woorank score report can also be purchased separately, available to clients who already have a website built for their business. SSL is one of the many items mentioned in the report regarded as an important factor in SEO (search engine optimization).

Optimized content for Google

We offer search engine optimization as an ongoing monthly subscription service which helps your website compete for visitors (traffic) on Google.

SEO involves competitive analysis, building attractive lead-generating landing pages, keyword research and optimizing web pages to bring more traffic to your website.

The difference between SEO and pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) is that search engine optimization has long lasting results, continuing to have a positive effect on your organic search ranking. Add measurable value to your business assets and ask about our SEO service.

Your success is our success!

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  • Style discovery
  • Workflow sketches
  • Logo & graphic design
  • Website visualiization
  • Photography
  • Image processing
  • Social media artwork
  • CMS / E-commerce store
  • Unique optimized pages
  • Calculators & forms
  • Content authoring
  • Video production
  • E-mail setup
  • Submitted to Google
  • Protected & Secured
  • Woorank report
  • Mobile tested
  • Quality checked
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