It’s easy to get lost in the vast ocean of digital marketing.

Strategic marketing in the “micro-moments” era, requires you to think ahead of consumers by going where your target market exists, to subtly promote your brand and attract new customers.

Marketing in Massachusetts

Your customers’ fundamental needs are sometimes right in front of you.

Learn how to implement systems, increase efficiency, cut expenditure and use multimedia as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Jinn offer valuable insights using market data and promote brands with a range of creative services to encourage engagement and increase conversions.

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Talk to a specialist

Jinn share knowledge and action strategies to raise brand awareness, increase social visibility and connect with target markets.

Use our existing network to get in touch with the right people and partner with the East Coast’s natural choice for business marketing agency.

You’ll see measurable results as we work within budgets to move products through automation and digital media.

We look forward to sharing invaluable insights with you and supporting your marketing efforts!

Get help and expand into new territories, we’ll assist with campaign management & digital and traditional marketing strategies as part of your monthly contract.

Google Adwords Fundamentals
Google Adwords Display Certificate
Adwords Display
Google Adwords Mobile
AdWords Mobile
Google Adwords Search
AdWords Search
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Google Shopping
Google Adwords Video
AdWords Video
Video marketing

Jinn produce and distribute your video content via social media for maximum efficacy and guaranteed returns on investment.

Sales funnel

Work with us to perfect your sales funnel, learn how to generate leads with ‘freemium’ content and convert visitors into customers.

Digital strategy

Our custom detailed digital marketing strategy will outline the steps you need to take in order to generate sustainable revenue.


Optimized landing pages and ongoing monthly reports ensure that you achieve and maintain top results in Google search results.