Award-winning web design

Jinn Digital LLC have won a total of four awards following the launch of our website in March 2018.

Competition at the CSS Design Awards is tough with many talented coders and designers from around the world submitting their best work. Jinn have been awarded certificates for user interface design, user experience design, innovation and a special kudos in recognition of our efforts over the past 2 months.

The awards have given us a real confidence boost. We are determined to consistently produce award-winning websites for our clients throughout the year. Click on any of the images to view or download our awards.

Website User Interface Design Award
Website User Experience Design Award
Website Innovation Award
Website Special Kudos Award

100+ unique pages

Our website has over 100 unique pages behind the apparently simple menu. We designed the site to give our visitors as much information as possible without overwhelming prospective clients with overly-designed experiences.

Admittedly, we would have liked to spend more time coding quirky innovative web applications, however we thought that it would be best to allocate our time to develop an easy-to-use original design which doesn’t stray too far from the traditional interface and navigation standards that website users have become accustomed to.


Let Jinn build your next award-winning website

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